The Journey of joy Happiness and Positivity: My second Home AMAL Academy

In the journey of life, the most important thing that can happen to you are the friends that are hard earned. Like a light at the end of a tunnel, friends are the reward you get when you stick to your commitments. Amal has granted me such friends and mentors. Hard earned and unforgettable. This is the universe I have been part of for last 3 months and This may we ended it.

The last session and probably last time I was seeing some of them. Very different and very groomed than 3 months ago. the journey was full of lessons and I have found myself enjoying each lesson.

I remember I missed 2 sessions and one day Ma’am Iqra called me, that called made me so gloomy just thinking that I am going to be a dropout, I was not ready for that. I reached her back and asked her if I am being removed from program. I promised myself that day to be consistent and always ready to learn.

And now I am completing my fellowship with lots and lots of memories and a bunch of great friends. My last session was the most emotional one. All I was thinking that day was how am I going to spend my weekends and what would I be doing without them.

What Amal has transpired in us has changed the way we think now. And now wish that I should have done this earlier. the opportunities that I missed earlier would have taken me to far by now. but as in AMAL we say, Stay positive and #jutsStart.

The journey with not ended but have transformed into a life long relationship, as tey have taught us Now its time to take our first solo flight.

I would ever be very thankful to all the people in AMAL and all the people who stayed there with me and that includes whole batch 134. GOD SPEED FELLAS



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Nauman Ahmed

Nauman Ahmed

I am an Entrepreneur, Content writer and blogger. My basic degree is in Molecular biology and Genetics but i write on diverse topics and have various interests.